The Tort Law Expert

My name is Narayan Ghimire, a 61 years old senior advocate. I did B.L. in Nepal during political disturbance along with completion of my Masters degree in Political Science. After practicing as a lawyer for a few years in Nepal, I got enrolled into student life for 7 rigorous years flying off to America for further studies at the time when Nepal was under civil war. I am engaged in part-time teaching in Nepal currently.

I identify myself as a simple lawyer of Nepal who has struggled his way to this stage of his life. I was recognized as the first student to receive a fully funded scholarship in the University I was enrolled into LLM in America in 2001. Subsequently, I also became recipient of a few other awards of excellence followed by another scholarship for Doctoral program in Law. What I deem as my biggest achievement is the neutral observers recognizing me as an honest and fair-minded individual and professional. This status of unbiasedness I earn from people’s judgement has made me a part of a few legal projects of importance. I am grateful for them.

My well wishers are not quite satisfied with my decision to return to Nepal leaving vast opportunities in a dreamland that America is considered. But I have always been an aspirant of establishing the Rule of Law in Nepal. During my study life abroad, I learnt about the law of Torts in part. I teach the same in Universities here along with, contract law and Public International Law.

The Tort law is a duty and liability oriented concept. The law of torts is a budding concept in Nepal. The lack of awareness, education, training and practice has undermined the power this law of civilization holds in establishing accountability of people towards one another. Tort is in every walk of our social life and much of the problems in execution of the Rule of Law would be solved if only we can sufficiently institutionalize and regularize the law of torts.

As long as I am able and working, the firmness in my purpose of changing the traditional pattern of lawyering and justice administration shall remain resolute. And hopefully one day, Nepal will see the Rule of Law manifesting within its territories through the application of the weapon of “Tort Law” as well.

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