My name is Shanti Chaudhary, a 66 years old B.A.LL.B. student at Chakrabarti Ha.Bi. College. I grew up in Bara. Belonging to an orthodox Tharu community, I was married young before I could complete my SLC. I was the second wife. My study ceased after my marriage because studying was not allowed and almost  to the social setting of that time.

There are a series of events I had to face in my village that motivated me to this faculty of study. There was polygamy, rapes, rapes within incest, inequality, oppression, class struggle, discrimination and what not. The married females used to stay under the veil all the time. The poor couldn’t wear new clothes. The public well couldn’t be cleaned without the elite’s permission. The females had to reach faraway riverbanks just to defecate. I tried to oppose them in my capacity as one of the opposition. But amidst the threats of jail and confiscation of property from the CDO, little was I to be heard or appreciated. When I found myself helpless against these situations, I realised only the knowledge of law can save my society from this blindness. 

I started writing too. I have published 68 works of mine including stories, biographies and poems.I decided to make a way of earning by writing biographies of people in distinguished political positions. 

My life has been far from relieving. I completed my +2 while I was suffering from cancer. I’m still here, hammering down barriers despite my hardships. It’s not easy to be amidst the students of the far younger generation and study. I have often been the target of ridicule. Plus, the competition is not equitable. Unavailability of a separate quota for old aged people caused me the most difficulty. The value of inclusion in all spheres of life must be understood by everyone. I am proud that I was courageous enough to move out of my miserable situation to make a progressive turn of events for myself.

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