I am Swastika Poudel, a 22 year old college girl who had a difficult time growing up since her teenage. Originally from Jhapa, I currently live here in Kathmandu with my family. My childhood years were decent until I reached 13-14 years. 

I was in 8th standard when the incident happened which kickstarted my mental anxiety. I was devastated. I found nobody I could share what happened to me with. The introverted nature didn’t help either. Sadder was, I wasn’t even aware enough to identify my problem to find a cure for it. I suffered alone until after plus two when I finally mustered up courage to tell my family about my mental health but not about the incident, just yet.

During the years of self-isolation when I hid my internal struggles from others, I reached a point of depression. I developed suicidal ideation. Panic attacks were constant.

Things got clearer and life started feeling worth it after my therapy sessions which taught me acceptance. Yoga and medications came to my rescue. I have found that sharing helps. The more you let yourself be heard by the right people, the closer you are to recovery.

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