A Male Kathak Learner

I am 21 y/o Binod Prakash Dhami. I have been dancing for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a small village of Baitadi.The plays that used to be staged in my village when there were no other means of entertainment must have been the main reason that got me to be attracted towards this art of expression. I always felt a kind of closeness with the characters as if they were real and I imitated them as best as I could.  I have switched faculties from science to humanities during my plus two years so that I could be closer to what I love, which is dance. Dance is a form of art, a form of expression and I find no other joy like dancing.

I know contemporary, folk dances and hip hop as well. But the thing about Kathak is that classical dances feel more divine. They give off a vibe of balance, meditation, and peace. Kathak makes me feel like all the truth of this universe may be experienced if we give ourselves completely to this act. That is the reason I decided to join Kathak classes, but was utterly surprised to find out I was the only male student.That thought hadn’t crossed my mind even once that other males may not be as interested as I, as a male, was in this art form.

I don’t say we should force ourselves to engage in things just to prove a point but I guess the reason why even the passionate ones fear to follow their passion is the taboo our society has created regarding gender biases. I myself am privileged that my family is supportive and I am not a person with many friends who could judge me. But I strongly feel like all of us males have equal rights and freedom to express ourselves, showcase our talent, learn things that interest us and most of all have fun. Enjoyment on the basis of one’s choices shouldn’t be gender-based.

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